MOSAIC LIFE MINISTRIES - A Life Reflecting The Glory Of The Lord 2  Corithians 3:18
Mosaic Artist David Chidgey          Welcome to Mosaic Life Ministries!
Mosaic Life Ministries offers biblical counseling services utilizing the Arno Profile System, developed by Dr. Richard Arno and  Dr. Phyllis Arno of the National Christian Counselors Association.
By filling out a simple questionnaire we can identify your "God given" temperament.
Your temperament reveals how you respond or react to your environment (people, places, & things). The Arno Profile System also helps to identify your temperament strengths and weakness which will allow us to brainstorm together to ensure that all of your temperament needs are being met in a Godly way.
It is our intention that you will begin to find peace in your current
surroundings, acceptance of who God created you to be, direction towards your Divine purpose on this earth, NO condemnation for the path that lies behind you, and hope for the path that lies ahead!
Maybe there have been words spoken over you, experiences that caused you to build a false belief system, or choices that you have made that have caused you to feel shame, guilt, and condemnation from others, but today is a new day!
God's mercy is NEW EVERY morning!
This ministry is founded on  the scripture of Jeremiah 1:10.
In your counseling sessions we will work together to root out, pull down, and destroy all the lies and false beliefs that have led you to this moment. Together we will begin to build and plant a new belief system created from TRUTH!
God's Word speaks the TRUTH about you! Lets work together to see what it says about you and who God created you to be! His abounding everlasting LOVE will bring you out of the darkness and into a marvelous light! Perfect love cast out ALL fear!
Our God is a loving caring God who has held you in the palm of His Almighty hand even before the foundations of this earth. He knows exactly who you are, where you've been, and where He is taking you. He led you right here, right now, for such a time as this!!
A mosaic life starts with surrender, moves into hope, and this is where the healing begins.
Beauty is created as we allow God to place all of the pieces of our life into a unique mosaic. Layer upon layer, each piece, every pain, every joy, every hurt, every experience, good and bad, is perfectly placed by our loving Creator. It is there that the beauty of our life begins to be revealed.  What we once thought of with shame and guilt is now unveiled and illuminated by His Spirit to reveal His masterpiece and to release HIS ultimate plan & purpose for our life.
As we embrace who we are through Christ, we begin to see ourselves through HIS eyes.
It is then that we are able to begin to see God's light reflecting off of the shards of brokenness which once caused us pain. As HE shines HIS light on us we are transformed into the same image from glory to glory! (2 Corinthians 3:18)
Mosaic Artist David Chidgey
Music By Alberto & Kimberly Rivera
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